To all Cabin Crew wannabes out there!!

Imagine you are called for a Cabin Crew are all dressed up, heavily perfumed, with layers of make-up & one bottle of hair spray invested, BUT the second you enter the interview room, you suddenly lost your tongue...! There goes your once-in-a-life-time opportunity to fly.....

Cabin crew interviews are hard to come by. But when it does come, are you ready for it? Are you well prepared? Not many can succeed without a proper & guided preparation before going for such an interview. MAJUSA Training Services provides tips & guidelines to prepare you before the interview.

The course name is Cabin Crew Interview Preparation Course. The FAQs about this course is shown above. More details of the course will only be given to those who are genuinely interested. Our seats are only limited to 35. First come first serve basis. We conduct on-going courses.

For those who are really interested, email us or call Mel 012-2262274 now to find out more details about the course.